Year 4 Beach House Challenge...

During the last two weeks in Term 2 we had our inquiry workshops on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, The Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Library in Alexandria and Ancient Greek theatre.  

We ended the term by all coming together and writing down what we'd like to know more about next. Your thinking was pinned onto the wave wall.  This will help us to work out our next inquiry focus groups.

For the workshops on the Great Library of Alexandria and Ancient Greek theatre we discussed why these places were important to people in the ancient world about 2 500 year ago.  We also made comparisons as to why the the library and theatre are important for people now.  

In Ancient Greece the Great Library of Alexandria was the centre for knowledge.  Do we use the library like this today? What do you go to the library for?

Year 4 Beach House Inquiry Challenge - If You Lived Here!
Mrs Bourke, Mrs Nicholson and I have set you all a challenge.


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