The Pass-Bot Advert...

The challenge for the Digi Group was to teach children some important facts about creating a 'strong' password and how to protect your password.  They only had 45 seconds to do this!

What part did you enjoy the most?

The Pass-Bot Filming...

After many hours of research, planning, creating all the artworks it was time for filming.  It was all hands on deck with the realization you could be sniffing your buddy's armpits for a few minutes...

The students organised all the props and got the robots ready for the set.  The most important thing was to check the storyboard to make sure each robot had the right pair of underpants on!  It took a couple of days to film The Pass-Bot and about four days to edit and record the voices.

To find out more about the Adverts visit the Digi Group's blogs:


The Pass-Bot Artworks...

After the storyboard had been drafted it was time for the Digi Group to start designing the robots for the backdrops.  They used a collage technique to add layers and texturize the robots, backdrops, and props.

We had some very skilled students designing props. Zoe created the washing machine.  Joanna and Milly had the idea to re-use an old Macbook and paint this for the prop in the advert.  Logan sketched the iBot phone and Mikayla then made this prop.

There was a lot of gluing in the library space and an aroma of PVA glue!

Planning the Pass-Bot...

In Term 2 a group of children from Tangaroa attended the Digi Awards workshop.  During the workshop, they listed all the things they could explore based on our school theme of 'Identity.'  This ranged from ideas about our school values to how we look after our digital identity.  After a lot of discussions and further exploration, it was decided the group would explore how to be cybersmart.

To check they were on the right track they surveyed groups of children from each studio.  I created a google site that had relevant information for the students to explore and they used docs to share their ideas.

During the planning stage, they came up with three possible adverts.  One about how to make a 'strong' passwords, one about your digital footprint and one advert to promote your wellbeing if you are a gamer.

Below are some of the ideas the students had about their password ad.  Many of them didn't make it to the final storyboard and a lot did!

Slicing and dicing each group's storyboard to come up with one draft storyboard...
The Digi Group thought we could use walking fingers...but then how would be stick underpants on?

Prototype of The Pass-Bot...
Some of the final storyboard for the Pass-Bot...
To find out more about the Adverts visit the Digi Group's blogs:


3D Printing...

We have a 3D printer that sits in our library space.  It was gathering some it has been swung into action!

Last term a small group of children learnt some basic skills in Tinkercad to design a simple keyring with their name.  Using the process of Design Thinking, they then had to design, model and create a keyring for a member of their family or for a friend.

The most difficult part for the students was modelling in Tinkercad.  They had to look at their whole shape and break this down into smaller shapes.  These shapes could then be grouped together or parts removed to create their desired shape.

'I learnt how to dig in and out and how to put holes in things.  I now know how to change the view of the keyring (when I'm modelling in Tinkercad), how to rotate the shapes around and lift the shapes up and down.  Next time I would change the hole to be a star because a circle is a bit boring.  Brooke (Tāwhirimātea)

'I learnt how to dig in and out of my shape and how to group objects together.'  I had to re-size my plane, so it would print bigger.'  Liam (Tāwhirimātea)