Challenge Beach Ball and Legs

Aim: to move a beach ball around the outside walls of the hall by only using your legs.

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If You Learned Here...

Elizabeth read us the story If You Lived Here, by Giles Laroche.  
We had to think of ideas about our school for the collaborative eBook called 'If you Learned here.'  
Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Bourke and Teresa also asked their children about what they liked to do at Rāwhiti school.  

The eBook will be available in two days from the If you Learned Here website.  The children in the Whale pool all had to work together to create an illustration for the eBook.

This is the illustration we created for the eBook.  You can only see the left side in the eBook....

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Challenges: Paper Chain and Marshmallows

This week in the Whale Pool the children were faced with two challenges...
Challenge one:
TASK - Make the longest paper chain with an A2 piece of paper.
Elizabeth gave us the paper and we chose who we wanted to work with.
We talked to our buddy and worked out who would do what.  We worked this out by ourselves.  One buddy cut the paper and one glued the paper to make the chain.  Some of us swapped over our jobs after a certain amount of time had passed.  We worked together.
The longest paper chain was around 6.5 metres long?  Why was this chain so long?

Challenge Two:
TASK: Each knife must touch only one marshmallow.  All knives must be off the table and touching each other.

What Ms K saw:  I saw groups of children making mistakes.  When I explained the knives couldn't touch the table or you couldn't pile knives onto one marshmallow you accepted this and thought of what else you could do.  I saw you all make lots of mistakes and you were talking to each other, like....what if we do this....I know....lets try.... Everyone accepted other people's ideas and I thought the atmosphere is class was positive.  I saw some faces that thought...oh my gosh we can't do this....then I saw other team members in the group continue to try different ways of placing the knives onto the marshmallows.

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Laying the Foundation....for our new school!

Yesterday Rāwhiti School went to the old North New Brighton School.  We all put our names on a stone and we threw our stones into the empty foundation.  I felt happy!  They're going to fill it up with concrete.  I was hot walking back to school. 

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The Giant Zentangle Challenge...

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Who can tell me is this a Drone Bumblee bee or is it a Queen Bee? I found this bee in my garden by the Punga's.  It had a longer abdomen.  I also found it the next day in a different part of my garden. Do Bumble bees hibernate during winter?

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Out and About With Ms K...

Driving to Glen Tui Camp.
What strange cloud formations these are, they just look like spaceships.
Maybe alien's are landing? What do you think? Or maybe it's a signal 
of some sort...
The Beech trees at Glen Tui attract the bees and wasps.
Aren't the trees beautiful? They are covered with a black sooty mould. It
looks just like black velvet.
Can you see the bee? Why do you think the bees like coming to these trees?
Drops of honeydew on the tree. How do you think the honeydew got there?
No bees on this branch it really was a challenge to photograph them.
Perfect, one big bee found...
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